A quick college football lesson.

Hole-lee SHIT. I have been run fuckin straight RAGGED today. Today was the single busiest Friday I’ve worked since I switched offices back to my hometown instead of the one thirty minutes away. We were anticipating it being pretty busy since its a holiday weekend, and the people who get 1st of the month get up, get up checks and third of the month checks got theirs today instead of Monday. So, we had everyone who was regular paycheck Friday, and first of the month people all in one day. Oh. My. Godddddd. Dani is tired. Dani is really, really tired. I have sat down a grand total of probably five times in a twelve hour period. But you know what? I get paid extra for overtime, and it’s FUCKING FOOTBALL WEEKEND, BABY!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!


Yes! Carolina vs. Vandy (Vanderbilt) was last night ( Carolina won, damnit), Tennessee Vols vs. NC State wolfpack is on right now (GP is from Tennessee and he pulls religiously for the Vols, and they’re winning!), and my born and bred team Clemson tigers vs. Auburn tigers are tomorrow. It feels so good to have football back. I feel so empty during the off season, football is our favorite pastime besides talking shit and watching nerd shit. We go to games, and football here is a religion; EVERYONE has a team they’re loyal to and they are religious about pulling for them. Here, it’s divided between Clemson University/University of South Carolina, so you have Tiger fans and Gamecock fans. I am a devout Clemson fan, and I have several Gamecock friends. We talk shit to each other on game day and we love each other none the less. It’s just the way it is. And I really lucked up with GP, since Tennessee’s colors are orange and white, and Clemson is orange, purple and white, everything we have is orange! Very convenient when buying things.

So, when footballs starts, I always make very unhealthy snacks, as per tradition. I made a cheese ball (cream cheese molded with chopped green onions and dried beef) and ranch dip. We had already devoured the cheese ball before I could snap a pic, so here’s the ranch dip:

Yeah. Not healthy at all. But who gives a shit? It’s football season. Fuck it.

So, that’s my plan for tonight.We’re watching the rest of this game, screaming obscenities at the TV ( I get really into the plays called and stuff, and threaten the lives of the referees) and then crashing out once I remember how exhausted I am. I’ll post something more informative tomorrow, I promise. don’t hold your breath.

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