About this masterpiece.

WARNING: Ha. That got your attention. Listen, looking for something a bit on the PG-13 side? This ain’t your bag, baby. Keep on truckin’. I’m not your mom’s Tupperware party friends. I’m into comics, science fiction, horror, crafts, literature, impulse purchases, running, art, and did I mention comics? So much so that you’ll probably wish you could Clorox the amount of nerd and comic book references you’ll read on here from your brain forever, like a dirty, dirty nerdy stain. I’m not a girl’s girl per say. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I like my fair share of girly stuff, I have cute clothes, I like to gossip and shop and I know how to socially behave without people thinking I belong under a car or welding for a living, but I’m the type that will show up in a bar in my Resident Evil t-shirt and Coach bag.

This blog is a mish mash of all the shit I’ve got going on; likes, interests, day-to-day life, work, play, exercise, eating (lots and lots and lots of eating), shit I like, shit I don’t, things I think are funny, things I think are straight out of Satan’s asshole, and all the stuff in between.

I discovered not too long ago that I like running as an exercise outlet. I’ve ran one race so far, a 5K that I didn’t do too hot on. But hey, it was my first one. Get off it. I also discovered that I need to make a few tweaks here and there, like diet, organizational skills, time-management, and just day-to-day happiness. I tend to stress too much over little shit, so I made a promise to myself that over the next year, I would work on basically “re-designing” myself into a less stressed, better version of me.

I’m 23 years old and from upstate South Carolina, and I enjoy long walks on the beach, sunsets, sweet nothings whispered in my ear….wait, this isn’t my eHarmony account. Oops.

Enjoy, and try to keep your faith in humanity as I slowly chip away at it. Au revoir.



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