Running solo.

I actually went out running by myself this evening once I got home after hitting the grocery store. The reason was that I also hit the shoe store before I hit the grocery store :). I bought some hawt orange laces to go in my pretty purple Asics:

Clemson football ready, baby. I felt really good about my shoes, so I determined the best thing to do about it was run in them, duh. After last night’s disastrous attempt, I decided that I really didn’t need to do any kind of recovery since, well, I didn’t have anything that needed recovering. It stopped raining for a while, so I got in the car and headed for the high school track.

Umm, yeah, football is back in season. The track was full of high school boys, and I wasn’t about to ask if I could share the track. Cuz that’s inappropriate and creepy. I don’t want to be THAT girl who creeps out of the high school boys. Ewww. So, I parked my car on the other side of the school, and just started walking around the outside perimeter of the school. The people who don’t walk or run on the track walk around the outside of the school. So I fired up the Couch to 5K running app, and started. It was uber humid outside, but it started to cool down after about five minutes. It felt pretty good, way better than that treadmill felt, and I felt confident about the whole thing. Well, about ten minutes in, I felt like I was going to die.

The good thing about running outside is that you have shit to look at and distract you. That helps me A LOT. I get really caught up in how much it sucks, and I instantly start telling myself to quit. If I have something to listen to or look and concentrate on, it works because the time passes and I don’t mind as much. When I circled around the parking lot, and got next to some trees, I notice something…..YES! The leaves are falling off of the trees!!

Fall is near, bitches!!!! I couldn’t be happier. Oh my god I can’t express to you how much I hate summer. I’m not built for summer and hot climates. I always feel way more comfortable when I’m cold rather than hot, and I’ve never had the body type to wear cute summery clothes, ie skimpy shit. Yeah, give me 40-50 degrees and a jacket and jeans any day. You can keep your skirts and bikinis.

Well, GP just called and told me I have to start the food before he gets here so he can finish. He’s making philly cheese steaks :). And I’ve got some clothes to finish. Fucking laundry.

Here’s a bonus in action shot of my feet:





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