My choice in dishes.

Lunch time!

I can’t express how much it absolutely RAWKS to have an apartment so close to my work. I can walk home for lunch everyday and do some laundry, eat, AND watch Maury all in an hour. So awesome.

So, I’m sitting here, and I’m eating my turkey sandwich, and I notice that the plate I grabbed was one of my favorite plates. See, instead of picking a set of dishes that come with dinner plates, bowls, pie plates, and such that all match, I like to just pick up random ass dishes whenever I see something I like. Nothing matches. At all. And I like it that way.

See example A:

Ha. It says douchebag. I didn’t say they were kid friendly. I also have one that says “asshole” in a pretty black and white spiral pattern. Thanks Urban Outfitters. Shut up, I’m NOT a hipster.

So, I finished my sammich and went to go take the towels out that I left in the dryer since last night. (If clothes are still in the dryer by the time I go to bed, you can forget it. See you tomorrow, clothes.) So, I’m doing some towels and folding and such, and I look down at the floor, and to me it looks like clothes are just taking over my washer! It seems like for two people, the clothes never seem to stop piling up. Gaaaah I hate laundry.

See example:

Completely ridic. So, I finish the towels, and pile all these bitches into the washer, and I happen to look up, and notice my Chinese lantern. Then I thought to myself “I have to show these fine people my thrifted AUTHENTIC Chinese lantern”. A Chinese place was moving here in town, and I happen to drive up when they were taking stuff out. Me being me that can never turn down weird stuff to put in my house, I had to have this lantern! And they happily obliged 🙂

See that wicker shelf thing its hanging on? Yeah, funeral home was getting rid of it, so of course I took it. I’m terrible. My house looks like a World Market and a Spencer’s had a love child, and that’s where my apartment came from. Awww. It’s different.

What kind of weird shit do YOU have in your house?

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